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Bottom Screen STR [Final Super Power] Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) Metadata Top Screen Draw Type. Game Cards List ... New Challenges Super Saiyan Goku. This DB anime action puzzle game features beautiful 2D illustrated visuals and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into chaos, where DB characters from the past and present come face to face in new and exciting battles! SSBKK Goku Title Screen DBS Render (Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle).png. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is the one of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available. Dokkan Battle Global LR Ultra Instinct Goku, STR SSBKK Goku, 4865 Stones Android | eBay 1080. There is a New God: ATK & DEF +25% at start of each turn; reduces damage received by 80% when there is a "Battle of Gods Saga" Category enemy; Ki +7 and ATK +100% when HP is 60% or below; medium chance of evading enemy's Super Attack and countering with tremendous power: Fight for us, Goku! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku Statue is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 39. - 1x LRSTR Ultra Instinct Goku. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle:NEW TRANSFORMING NAMEK SAGA GOKU SUPER ATTACK & TRANSFORMATION & ACTIVE SKILL! Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space! Stream Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle- LR SSBKK Goku & SSB Evolution Vegeta OST (Extended) by 0WalletPlan (dokkan battle OST’s) from desktop or your mobile device Super Class allies' Ki +4 and ATK & DEF +150% for 3 turns; Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space! In the anime, this variation of the Kaio-ken synchronizes the two separate power boosts between Goku's godly transformation and the special technique, which is emphasized by the double aura effect, placing a crimson Kaio-ken aura outside of a typical blue Super Saiyan Blue aura. 8. franchise: dragon ball; series: dragon ball super; game: dragon ball z dokkan battle Rated 5 out of 5 by Diegovr381 from DBZ DOKKAN BATTLE SSJ4 GOKU … SSBKK x20 Goku - Dokkan Battle . Here S A Ssbkk Goku Phone Background Dragonballfighterz Dragon Ball Super Anime Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball Super Goku Ssbkk Goku Wallpaper By Shortfight 7d Free On Zedge Goku Kaioken Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave Goku Ssbkk Phone Wallpapers Wallpaper Cave Ssb Kaioken Goku W Personajes De Goku Figuras De Goku Personajes De Dragon Ball Ssj Goku […] Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space! 1/60: TEQ and INT Type ATK +25%: Kamehameha - Causes huge damage to enemy Details: Ample Experience - Recover 5% HP at start of turn: Uploaded Preview Generated Preview. - 4865 Dragon Stones (Stones cannot be transferred to iOS devices). - Many Dokkan Fest Exclusive Cards. 975. - Many Free to Play LRs SA 20 at 97%. Until: Mon 12/21/2020 12:00 am PST. Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 Goku from DBZ: Dokkan Battle. Super Saiyan Blue Goku using Kaio-ken for the first time. Home Gaming SSBKK Goku Leader and Passive Speculation | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Admin December 07, 2019 What will the NEW SSBKK Goku's Leader and Passive Skills? … Scheduled maintenance. 1799. Top Screen.

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