is logona hair dye safe

Good Dye … Read Full Review, I used Logona several times and the colours were all too light and ginger, so I tried by adding black and this worked better the last time I used chestnut and 40% black and finally have a wonderful light auburn colour completely covering my grey roots. It turns my grays blonde and they blend beautifully with the revitalized red. As a result, the original hair colour also determines the individual dye result. 0 Comment Report abuse. no results either. Over 5,000 chemicals are used in hair dyes (!) My gray hairs became blonde, and created a beautiful mix in my brown hair with red and blonde highlights. The manufacturers of this hair dye should point out the potential side effects of some of the so called natural ingredients in the contents. £19.60. quality is very poor. Read Full Review, Have just applied the Logona Hair Color - Brown Umbra for the second time - and still no decent results for me. Read Full Review, I've been using combo of mahogany and red on my graying brown hair. it...”, “I used Logona several times and the colours were all...”, “I've been using combo of mahogany and red on my...”, “I have used their "natural brown" for years now, it is...”, “I have tried this product for the first and last time. shopping_cart Add to cart Quick view. The first couple of times I used it, it faded over a couple of months, but now it doesn't. it is worth to buy something from Poundland and you will get the better results. Safe and effective, and easy to use. Logona hair dyes are 100% natural and contain absolutely no chemical ingredients. Helpful. My heart started racing and I had to quickly wash the paste off. " Read More, " Logona Herbal Henna Hair Color Dark Brown /Umber Brown . After: Applied "Umber Brown" Logona Herbal Hair Colour. " Can you tell me how long you leave it on for? In the end, I purchased four different colours and also found that the clay based cleansing pre-treatment was beneficial. Experimenting with a new colour has never been so easy,... £17.95 Price. Doesn't appear… As soon as I did I felt better. Safe and effective, and easy to use. Would definitely recommend… They will give a lighter colour on grey/white hair. Decided to give it a try! Sadly the product did not work for me at all and I will have to search for something safer to use on my hair. " Logona also have a range of Herbal Hair Colour Powders in 13 shades. And that definitely does work as my hair feels pretty stripped after using. I do use equivalent to a whole colour pack and my hair is a shortish bob. I think Logona are one of the most natural hair dyes on the market available in the UK. The herbal hair colour covers every hair like a film. All the claims are wrong. shopping_cart Add to cart Quick view. For intensive luminous glossy & voluminous hair 100% natural origin With nourishing avocado oil & plant … Read Full Review, I have a very black hair and some grey hairs popping up. Leaves hair in excellent condition, and it is safe to use. (1 review written), I have used Logona Herbal Hair Colour a few times before and liked that it was natural ingredients, but the two colors I mixed-golden blonde and Sahara- which were closest to my natural color were still too dark. Logona Natural Cosmetics, Plant Hair Dye Powder, 100 g 3.6 out of 5 stars 243. They were very helpful and I am now a customer for life… I wouldnt mind using pure henna+indigo but apparently it wreaks… if typical hair dye irritates your scalp, there are a few options that may be gentler on your skin. " I am happy that no one noticed the subtle change, and I feel younger again when I look in the mirror. Out of stock. Waste of Money and time. Sante and Logona 100% Herbal Hair dyes give your hair expressive color and silky shine. Read Full Review, I tried Logona after an allergic reaction to standard chemical dyes. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The good news: Hair dye doesn't have to be organic or natural in order to be safe, and there are other ways to be both health- and eco-conscious when it comes to coloring your hair. Highlight different colors in between and when coloring, mix colors together, have fun. vevers Shraddha Mixed Hair Removing Cream Into Hair Dye | Thapki Pyaar Ki | 20th Jan 2016. The hair colours are of natural origin and practicable even under 16 years. Read More, " I change my color and highlights in a subtle way every time I color my hair (about 2 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.) II have problems with Hair loss (controlled under treatment) and normal chemical hair dye is not an option to cover the whites. When I washed my hairs with plain water not even used any shampo, the result was absolutely no change. A hairdresser applied this but it was very messy to use. Before choosing the shade we recommend you read the information on covering grey. Before: Hair was about 60%grey ( 60% white) same thing . Please note that these colour creams will not radically change in your hair colour like chemical dyes. Read Full Review. Read Full Review. Applied for almost 1 - 2 hrs, since i read somewhere that more time you have this in your hair the better result you get. Written on: 07/07/2007 The color gradually fades so roots do not show with new hair growth. " It grows out (not what you would expect for a hair-dye advertised as semi-permanent, but great if you want it to last!). Report. The colours have most definitely taken and coloured all my hair incl my grey (about 30%). all the instructions are in "god knows what language". The herbal hair colours are especially gentle and lasting. I am 90% grey and the rest is very dark brown. Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel contains proteins and eight … Read Full Review, Written on: 10/12/2011 whether you get your hair colored in a salon or you do it at home, choosing the right dye can help. The colour is natural. The powder inside is just of extremely poor quality. " (1 review written), If you select the right colour and use the Logona Herbal Hair Colours properly, they are brilliant, all my grey is gone. Hi it sounds like I have similar coloured hair ( copper red now greying) and would like to try the sahara colour. The only downside is the smell (which goes away after a day or two). It's difficult to spread it on your hair, but other natural hair colors have the same problem (it's not too bad anyway). To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: L. B. Richards, The Adventures of Charley Tooth. I did as told, collected hair from my hair brush for 2… shopping_cart Add to cart Quick view. ALL LOGONA COLORS: I have very fine hair and this gives it body, shine and bounce; no chemical smell. I have chemically coloured hair with some lighter blonde colours on… Pregnant, I was looking to replace my usual permanent hair colour with something less 'toxic'. I am so frustrated… 8 people found this helpful. Did some research and Logona powder was the most natural boxed hair dye I could find, next option would be do the mixing with pure henna and other natural products to get a brown color (too much work ). Acryptonym (1 review written). Hair Dyes and Pregnancy. Showing 1-20 of 28 item(s) Sort by: Relevance ... Logona Herbal Hair Colour Cream Chestnut brown will give... £17.95 Price. Logona Umber Brown . by Read Full Review, Extremely disappointing. I tried the Logona henna black hair product today and had an alarming reaction. I invested £70 and a good few hours of experimental mixing and strand testing before I was able to achieve a result I was happy with. After having used Logona hair dye in tubes for about a month now, in general I feel very happy with it. 2:26. So I am wondering why yours hasn't. "I Loved It" Natural herbal hair dyes in powder or cream. quality is very poor. It is safe to use plant-based hair dye during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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