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The Spanish Alphabet, often called “Abecedario” or “Alfabeto”, is formed by twenty seven letters.Before 1994, the alphabet was composed by twenty nine letters, but the “Real Academia Española” (RAE) decided to exclude two of them: “CH” and “LL”. This of course is going to be a useful skill to develop. Prepare Students for Proper Learning. The winner earns a point for their team and can stay up to face another player while the other student goes to the back of the line. So, What Makes the Spanish Alphabet So Easy? Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation. The S is pronounced exactly the same in both English and Spanish. Both the English and Spanish alphabets are derived from Latin script, so they share almost the exact same letters. Spanish Alphabet - 5 Ways to Teach Kids It's Friday the 13th and a full moon! Premium. Learn how to say the Spanish letters and sounds in Spanish. This is what your students will get after they click “watch” on a video. This means that dictionaries and alphabetizing systems are different now, even though pronunciation and spelling remain the same. A brief introduction to the Spanish Alphabet: Vowels and Consonants. The traditional Spanish alphabet consisted of 30 letters, it was just like the English alphabet, with the addition of four letters; ch, ll,ñ, and rr. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to pronounce the Spanish alphabet, For Dummies. If you want to say the word “alphabet” in Spanish, you would say “alfabeto” or “el alfabeto.” The actual alphabet itself contains the same letters as in English, with just three more you’ll need to remember: ch (chay), ll (elle), and ñ (eñe). 100+ Free Spanish Lessons, 15 Easy Spanish Idioms That Every Beginner Should Understand, 11 Simple Ways to Say ‘Of Course’ in Spanish, The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish During Quarantine, Common Spanish Nicknames for People’s First Names, Estar Subjunctive: Present and Past Tense Subjunctive, ¿Qué tal? Wishing good luck to all teachers and parents today! ), it’s time to start putting them to use. Elizabeth Trach taught Spanish for eight years in a public elementary school in Brookline, Massachusetts, where she co-authored the district’s original K-5 Spanish curriculum. and having students spell them out loud, naming the letters as you point to them. Before 2010, these letters were an official part of the Spanish alphabet. ¡Puedo hablar Español! Nowadays, In the Spanish Alphabet currently there are 29 letters. Learn how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish - YouTube The Spanish Alphabet is one of those topics you should master first when learning this language. In the Spanish alphabet, there is only one letter that is consistently silent. Translation. (Now I know my ABCs, next time … Spanish alphabet. Schedule classes on any day of the week – you can take them on your own, or share a class and save money! Keep reading to learn more about the Spanish alphabet. Once kids start to internalize the alphabet after the first three lessons, they should be officially off and running. If you are traveling to Mexico or Central America, you may come across some interesting place names that start with X, a common letter in the Aztec and Mayan languages. Actions. All your students need is paper and pencil to write down the letters of a mystery word that you spell out. With children, you need to make it fun and easy. The alphabet has four more characters than in the english alphabet: ch, ll, ñ, rr. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240). When it acts as a vowel, often at the end of a word and following a vowel, it sounds like “ee” or the Spanish vowel I (like in hoy and estoy). Print out some Spanish ABC coloring sheets, turn on the alphabet song in Spanish, or hang up letters and pictures of the correlating objects around the house to help you study. With some low-stakes oral spelling out of the way, it’s time to switch up the dictation exercise by having students spell out unfamiliar Spanish words. For example: The X is generally the same in both languages, except when it appears at the beginning of a word, which isn’t often! a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z. Below that is a tool for learning to spell your name in Spanish and below that is a Spanish alphabet … Make a positive impact? First, let’s get familiar with the Spanish alphabet: Another drill worth repeating? Spanish used to have 30 letters until 3 of them were removed(Ch, ll, and rr). If you're looking for something fun, try teaching the Spanish alphabet to kids! 15 Spanish Verbs for Beginners: A PDF List and Conjugations, A Complete Spanish Pronunciation Guide for Beginners, Spanish for Beginners: Start Here! Tell students that you know they learned one alphabet (probably English) in pre-school or in first grade, but that they did not learn the Spanish alphabet. However, a new name was introduced recently that reflects this letter’s other pronunciations: ye (pronounced “yay”). You can get them started by signing yourself up for a FluentU Pro account (designed just for teachers!) You can also practice spelling words and your kids’ names to put the Spanish alphabet into practice. The K and W sounds are commonly written with a C or QU and GU respectively. Younger students and anyone who wants to learn about a foreign language will have the chance to read the different letters and how they are pronounced as they get to know the Spanish alphabet. this is the first lesson from a serial of four lessons , this course are free and full , no feature are hidden ,The course gives basic spoken and written knowledge of the Spanish language . It's a basic and standard set of letters used when writing. Before you can even think about mastering Spanish grammar and Spanish vocabulary, you’ve got to learn the Spanish alphabet. Alfabetizar means "to alphabetize" but it can also mean "to teach reading and writing." El alfabeto español. You can also practice spelling words and your kids’ … The Spanish Alphabet. Learn the Spanish Alphabet in less than 10 Minutes! STEP 1: Listen and repeat! In these cases, the U is silent and the following vowel is pronounced. the fundamental building blocks of any language, keep them interested instead of intimidated, In 2010, the Royal Academy made changes to the official Spanish alphabet, Hugo Chavez’s refusal to accept the Royal Academy’s mandate, using the Spanish vowels without English interference, creative writing unit in the target language, signing yourself up for a FluentU Pro account, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store, 14 Fascinating Topics for Getting Spanish Classes into Deep Conversations, The Quick and Easy Guide to Teaching with Spanish Songs, Win at Life: 5 Fun Spanish Vocabulary Games for the Classroom, How to Teach Spanish Prepositions with Cartoons, 5 Writing Projects for Spanish Class to Get Students’ Brain Juice Flowing, 5 Terrific Songs for Teaching Varieties of Spanish Through Music. Divide the class into two or three teams, allowing each team a turn to guess a letter in the puzzle you write on the board—it works best when you write a whole phrase or sentence in Spanish, with one blank for each letter required. A (a) ¡suerte! Add to favorites 26 favs. Pro Tip: I like to spell out five words in a theme (seasons, animals, weather) to keep things fun. Each video has interactive subtitles. This short lesson will show you how to pronounce all of the consonants and vowels that are part of the Spanish Alphabet. As a general rule, it is pronounced as a TH in Spanish and as an S in Latin America. I absolutely love languages and am always learning a new one. Once you introduce all the letters, do a few pronunciation drills to have them repeat after you as you work your way through the ABCs in Spanish. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach Spanish with real-world videos. The NEW Spanish Alphabet consists of only 27 letters: same as the English alphabet with the addition of one letter: ñ. Log in Sign up. Thank you for hosting, Kacey! The H is a quiet helper and is often forgotten in spelling because of that. How to go about learning the spanish alphabet. Discover the first Spanish Alphabet that teaches you how to read correctly any word. ¡Practiquemos el abecedario en español! If the word has that combination, it is always preceded by an E. For example: The V is one of the most confusing letters in the Spanish alphabet, especially for native speakers. start learning a second language, it may seem frustrating to go all the way back to the beginning and study the Spanish alphabet, especially when it’s so similar to the English alphabet. Practice pronouncing the letters as you hear consonants and vowels in … Knowing the Spanish alphabet—both the letter names and the sounds they make—is essential for Spanish pronunciation, fluency, and spelling! The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that they’re learning, and it recommends examples and videos based on what they’ve already learned. Spanish has 27 letters, 26 from the English Alphabet with the letter “ñ” added in plus different pronunciation as well. Your email address will not be published. This is especially useful with the Spanish R, as mastering the tongue roll takes lots of practice. Please check your email for further instructions. Learn about the basics of the Spanish alphabet with this handy worksheet reference. The Spanish Alphabet: Print this full Spanish alphabet to learn the ABC's. And the rest of the letters in the alphabet are called consonants ( las consonantes ) as in English. It uses a Latin script, the same used by speakers and writers of … Learn the alphabet in Spanish and how Spanish alphabet pronunciation works in this article. Unlike English, which merrily incorporated French, Latin and northern European influences with abandon as control of the British Isles changed hands over the centuries, the Real Academia Española has been overseeing the Spanish language and creating its official rules since 1713. 30. Even when there are vowel combinations, the vowels are clearly heard. When a word starts with an X, instead of making a Z sound like in English, it makes an S sound. See more ideas about spanish alphabet, learning spanish, spanish. This is a great time to revisit some pair work first to build confidence by spelling their own first and last names for a partner. In Spanish, they call it the abecedario. Game Points. The Spanish V has the same pronunciation as the B, and as such is often called by the same name: bay. At the end of this lesson are some example sentences that show how the Spanish … Plus, all the videos are sorted by skill level and are carefully annotated for students. Instead of pronouncing dedo like day-doh, make the Ds softer with a slight “th” sound. When you learn Chinese, it can seem the most exotic and impenetrable of languages and that’s largely due to the Chinese alphabet.The Chinese writing system may appear to the uninitiated as both beautiful and mysterious in equal measure. In this lesson, you will learn about the Spanish alphabet.∗∗∗Note: To view this video please use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser. ; Complete Spanish Alphabet: A list of all the Spanish letters with pronunciation examples, the "name" of the letters, and a comparison to the pronunciation of English letters. However, these letter pairings are no longer included in the list even though they are still commonly used in the Spanish language. That word’s definition, pronunciation and in-context usage examples will all pop up on-screen instantly. At the top of this page, we have a tool for learning the Spanish alphabet in order. After reviewing the alphabet letters and sounds (in Spanish, or course! Then you will learn how to pronounce th… 0. The Spanish alphabet, called el alfabeto or el abecedario, is the collection of letters that make up the Spanish writing system. Because it can be pronounced like vowel I (ee), it was originally named the i griega (Greek I). She’s also a professional writer and editor. The Spanish alphabet has 27 letters, although there are 30 different sounds. Instead of the hard “je” sound found in English, the J is always pronounced with a “he” sound. For instance the letter ‘i’ in Spanish sounds exactly like the letter ‘e’ in English, a simple fact that can help anyone remember how to say ‘i’ in Spanish. On this page you will find the Spanish alphabet with authentic Spanish audio files for you to practice your pronunciation. Spanish alphabet. It is not the same for a child as for an adult to be taught or to learn the spanish alphabet pronunciation. Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation. Encourage them to draw a blank line (like so, “____”) in spots where they aren’t sure so they can go back to it later—you’ll be repeating each word several times! A spelling bee can also make a good introductory lesson for a creative writing unit in the target language, because it signals that you’re here to make writing fun. Once they know what sounds each letter makes, they can almost instantly sound out new words correctly. In English, we are accustomed to a clear distinction between the B and V, but these letters are pronounced exactly the same in Spanish. Online quiz to learn Spanish Alphabet; Your Skills & Rank. Find out more about her work and get in touch at The Blogwright. The soft roll is only used in the middle of a word with a single R. The hard roll is used every other time: when a single R is at the beginning or end of a word, or a RR is used in the middle. Learn about the basics of the Spanish alphabet with this handy worksheet reference. READ & WRITE confidently with FunEasyLearn. This game is especially fun if you make the puzzle a question and award a bonus point to the team that can correctly answer the question in Spanish after they figure out what the question is by solving the puzzle! Exception with the U: guitarra (gee-tahr-rah). FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, cartoons, documentaries and more—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. So, dig into these tips and advice for learning how to master the Spanish alphabet easily - at SpanishPod101 we make it easy, fun and relevant for you! For example, instead of pronouncing jaguar “jag-war” like in English, it is pronounced “hag-war.” Many of the J words are English-Spanish cognates, so you may be tempted to pronounce the words with an English pronunciation at first glance. Try it as a warm-up activity in heavy rotation, but be sure to switch up whether you’re spelling a word or asking students to spell out a new word. To do this, divide the class in half and have them stand in two lines. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. In 2010, the Royal Spanish Academy officially removed two letters (ch and ll) from the alphabet, making it 27 letters instead of 29.Fortunately for English speakers, the official Spanish alphabet now only has the one additional letter that does not appear in the English alphabet: ñ. FluentU videos can be one way to integrate both first hearing Spanish and then seeing how it’s written and practicing the writing yourself.

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