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  1. Get your Covid deep clean in less than 24hrs. Certificate of compliance send at the end of the clean
    During stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, we are open for:
    * COVID disinfection and sanitisation
    * COVID deep cleaning for Age care
    * COVID deep cleaning for Medical centres
    * COVID deep cleaning for Restaurants
    * COVID deep cleaning for Offices
    * COVID deep cleaning for Warehouses
    * COVID deep cleaning for Schools
    * COVID deep cleaning for Laundromats and Laundries
    * COVID deep cleaning for Commercial buildings
    * House cleaning for people who are unable for whatever reason to clean their own homes, as our service is considered as essential for health and safety reasons.
    * Commercial cleaning
    * Move out cleanings
    * Move in cleanings
    * After renovation cleanings
    * Pre-sale cleaning
    * Pre-settlement disinfection cleaning
    * Home disinfection
    Call 0407 094 444 or visit our website: http://www.cleanhousemelbourne.com.au

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    We are brokers linked with high profile investors from the Gulf Region/Asia who are willing to;

    Fund any company in any current project;
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    I have contacted you in your feedback form with an offer to manage a business of high remuneration.
    Here is the placement:
    Location of funds: BANK IN THE UK.
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    I am a freelancer who’s designed and improved hundreds of websites over the past decade. I’d like the opportunity to discuss with you how I can help you upgrade your site or build you a new one that will provide all the modern features that a website should have, as well as an effortlessly beautiful user-interface. This can all be done at a very affordable price.

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    Please let me know if you’re interested so we can have a chat.

    Edward Frez

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    My name is Serge. I was browsing through your website and I think it provides a valuable information. My company have a blog section where we often feature some interacting content. I’d like to see if you perhaps you can provide a relevant article that we can feature on our blog? This will create a lot of value to our users and at the same time can bring some targeted traffic towards your company. This is completely free of charge and we can also provide a backlink to your website as well. Currently our site (http://www.laowaicareer.com) is used by over 2000 companies and over 150,000 unique monthly job seekers, so definitely it is worth to have your piece of content listed there.

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  18. Dear Friend,
    I hope this message does not end up in spam.
    Good day to you and I hope you are keeping safe from COVID-19 Pandemic.  My name is Helina Amira Khanum, daughter of H.E. (Sahib us-Sa’ada) married to Prince Sa’Id in Saudi Arabia. I got your contact from a reliable source as someone whom I can trust.

    As a woman in the Kingdom, I am not allowed to do business or operate investment ventures business as a house wife.

    I seek individuals or companies outside the kingdom of Saudi on ground presence and experience in business that can assist me receive my money (Huge Amount) and invest them in profitable ventures while I plan for migration.

    I will like to keep this brief until I hear from you, you can reach me on amira@saudiroyalfamily.live. Tel: 441235330058

    Have a nice day,
    Madam Amira Khanum Al-Saud

  19. Dear Friend,
    I am a staff-member of Swedbank-Bank here in Estonia. I have a Business-Proposal of $6.2M for you to handle with me from my bank.
    Although this may be difficult for you to believe. I need you to assist me in executing this Business Project from Estonia to your country. upon completion of the transaction, our sharing ratio will be 50/50 of the total amount.
    If interested, Contact me for more information via email: reine.berg@consultant.com.
    Please grant me the benefit of the doubt and hear me out.
    Mrs. Maike.

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